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I laughed for at least a minute after first seeing this. Perfect.

heh (in the comics, Thor and Loki have a younger brother named Baldr, so, if Loki is adopted and Thor is not, then their younger brother would look like Thor!) <<---- also in Norse mythology Baldr was Thor's younger brother and Loki killed him so.

So that's what happened in Budapest

The comment!<---I think it's basically a fact that everyone in the Avengers fandom ships BlackHawk <--- I love how we all accept that they are a couple. I'm pretty sure that if Marvel tried to change it we would deny it.

Bad joke?

Note that This is not Bucky this is in fact JEFFERSON. (OUAT) captain america funny avengers the winter soldier humor

Random Avengers Quotes - hahah hawkeye :)

The Avengers random quotes. I almost want to cry, Hawkeye just gets 'Yeah' hahahaha.

Best scene!!!

If Loki bases how much he likes someone by their desire to punch him in the face, the Avengers are totally his favorite people. Maybe I should punch him in the face?

Okay, seriously, dafuq is that? WTH is up with Loki's name? I'm researching this.

What the Avengers' names mean in other languages. Loki will make you cry, just like onions. Onions have layers. Loki has layers.

Avengers (movie quote)

The Avengers deleted scene>>> Why did they delete this? <<< He thinks it's a radio,poor Steve

Captain America

Captain America: The First Avenger AGAINST Captain America: The Winter Soldier . <<< the funny thing is he WAS attacked with a pocket knife- IN THE FIRST AVENGER- when he's trying to keep the minions from taking off.

Loki <3

I'm not going to lie, when I went to see Thor I was going in thinking Thor was the hottest thing on earth. And then THIS GUY showed up on screen and I was done. Then Loki decided to play with my emotions and the rest is history. Exude me while I go cry………


Funny pictures about Stan Lee is the sweetest person ever. Oh, and cool pics about Stan Lee is the sweetest person ever. Also, Stan Lee is the sweetest person ever.

There's a reason why some of them wear helmets, geez

Mark Ruffalo is a genius. He perfectly portrays that outsider quality that is so integral to the Hulk.

Se sabe...

The Best Of The Avengers // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - >>> i don't agree with the first and the third, cause my answers would have been Chris Hemsworth ;) But I love Iron Man and his humor XD

The Avengers Pick-up Lines

Avengers Pick Up Lines.i found these way too funny. Thors is great and lokis is just so wrong lmao