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Excellence in Execution. TESLA, always a fan.

What's the life expectancy of our next generation electric cars? With one taxi driver in Finland topping miles km) with of batter life still remaining, perhaps miles per vehicle will be commonplace.

Tesla Has Hired At Least 150 Former Apple Employees

Tesla Has Hired At Least 150 Former Apple Employees

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Tesla has announced a new entry-level Model S and battery and Ludicrous Mode updates to its Model S D. Thanks to a redesigned fuse on the car’s battery, the Model S can now sprint to 100 km/h in just seconds.

Tesla Model S Outselling Porsche, Jaguar in California Stephanie MlotBy Stephanie Mlot August 26, 2013

Tesla Model S Outselling Porsche, Jaguar in California

Electric carmaker Tesla Motors pays off government loan 9 years early - Romney & Palin (collectively in Presidential elections) referred to Tesla as 'losers'.

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Tesla Model X. Seats Km range miles), falcon wings and massive touchscreen for GPS, battery info and more.

TESLA Powerbank

TESLA portable battery rack for your smartphone

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Nikola Tesla and His Discovery of Wireless Technology

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Tesla Model S Center Console Insert (CCI) Review - Teslarati.com

The aftermarket Custom CCI is for the Tesla Model S. This product comes in Carbon Fiber, Obeche Gloss, Obeche Matte, Lacewood, or Piano Black.

Tesla Model S P85D | Fully Charged

: Fully Charged: Tesla Model S - The Beast Mode 0 - To Lose Your License.

Nice Nissan 2017: Tesla Model S #1 in Norway. Norwegians LOVE Tesla!   1,493 units sold is a singl... I wish my own Tesla car! Check more at http://carboard.pro/Cars-Gallery/2017/nissan-2017-tesla-model-s-1-in-norway-norwegians-love-tesla-1493-units-sold-is-a-singl-i-wish-my-own-tesla-car/

Tesla Model S sales in Norway are at such a high level that the Model S alone accounted for over of total automobile sales last month (March) in Norway.

Tesla Model S Updates: P90D Now 0-100 km / h In 3 Seconds

Tesla Model S Updates: Now km / h In 3 Seconds

Hot Wheels Tesla Model S

Mattel Rolls Out Hot Wheels Tesla Model S for Fans Big and Small

Hot Wheels Tesla Model S

I can not believe what Jay does to the Tesla S featured in Jay Leno's Garage. A 100% electric car can do this.

2012 Tesla Model S. It carries five adults and two kids and has a 300 mile range! Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen gives Jay an up-close deep dive on the .