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ATR Unit¬22637 by Ironsniper on Flickr

A fun doodle with some new light aqua pieces. Fun fact: Those light aqua pieces were purchased from Cole's BL store!

Transforming fighter, retake | 출처: SomethingDistinct

Transforming fighter, retake | 출처: SomethingDistinct

Red Gunbuddies | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Some of Af/ny's Gunbuddies, bricked up as part of one of three companies I built to learn to play Mobile Frame Zero with some friends.

Mech... | by Grantmasters

Any closer? Thanks Delta those pics helped a lot. Sadly I haven't seen this program, looks good though. The legs are still a bit iffy, but they are the closest I can do at the moment whilst still keeping it minifig scale. Feel free to use any ideas :)