figures to study

Rad Sechrist is a storyboard artist at Dreamworks Animation. This is a small board about male shape variations.

Rasmus' sketch blog?!: Figure studies - Stephen Silver

In order to get better at drawing, I need to acknowledge what I need to work on, and actually work on that. And I think the best way to lear.

Im having an awesome class with the Legend Toby Shelton, this is my homework, for this week and waiting for the feedback. I love doing this kind of drawings still a lot to learn!

anatomy lesson one: Studies of the Skull and Pelvis. (dA should have an anatomy section for the catagories D: . no idea where to put this v_v~) seriously kids, you should know this stuff xD; especi...

, working from observation of the skeleton image, superimpose a drawing of a skeleton onto each figure, paying attention to accuracy of proportions and foreshortening.

how to draw a comic book girl

How to Draw - Study: Girls Pants with Folds for Comic / Manga Panel Design Reference

coffee doodles. gwendolyn frederick.

Coffee Doodles for Inspiration - by Gwen Fredericks, a product designer at LG Electronics