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Does 11 know?! :o

River wearing a Team 10 Doctor shirt :) Alex Kingston being awesome!

Oppa Tenant Style!

Heeeeyy my companion. Or Oppa Doctor Styly. Heeeeey I'm Captain Jack. Or Oppa Doctor Style. Heeeey I'm Jack Harkness.

I think the whole Dr Who and Sherlock fandoms need a Moffat support group just to keep us going while he messes with our lives

Poor Clara "We've a support group, you know. T-Shirts and everything.

Craig Ferguson and his Doctor Who obsession. I do a similar dance when the theme song plays. :P

7 Reasons to Love Craig Ferguson

Craig Ferguson - "Doctor Who" explained in less than 3 minutes (cold open [♫♪Intellect and romance over brute force and cynicism.


Not mine. jumped off cliff. -apart TIN bitt t' ml" brought thc dcat back In um and Doctor Who Rose Harry Potter twilight Hermione

to anyone but a whovian this is strange, to us it is heart-breaking.

Doctor Who is the only show that can make me choke up over something like swearing on fish fingers and custard. That's the beauty of this show. Also it's slightly funny. Doctor Who seems to like making you laugh and cry at the same time

Donna Noble

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Hipster Tenth Doctor just can't bring himself to admit that he loves Rose Tyler. #David Tennant #Journey's End # Doctor Who meme

Hipster Tenth Doctor just can't bring himself to admit that he loves Rose Tyler. Tennant End # Doctor Who meme

Well because David Tennant I would rather be looking at funny pictures related to Doctor Who on Pinterest.

In celebration of his supporting role in The Fright Night Reboot here are some pictures of the Doctor, David Tennant looking sexy as hell and also some pictures of him looking bat-shit insane.

Christopher eccleston  David tennant And matt smith

Nine, Ten, Eleven! I love Matt sitting there with his crazy sweater trying to make a sexy face and Davids just chillin there like Am I not sexy enough for you already? And then Christopher just looks like hes staring into your soul.

David Tennant Dr Who images - Google Search

Who will be #11?!?!?!?!?!

Journey's End is my favorite Doctor Who episode. You can never go wrong reuniting David Tennant and Billie Piper.<<<< so true! The brought back Captain Jack AND Sarah Jane Smith!

The doctors companions. Wheres river though?

Rose, Donna, Martha, Amy - Doctor Who - I love this cause they are all important in their own way, they were all exactly what he needed when he met them :)

Jack and the Doctor. Look at that adorable smile.

They were such a great team. I wish Captain Jack would come back for some episodes I would've loved to see him with Eleven. That would've been awesome<----YESSSS! Bring Jack Back!

Mr. and Mrs. Tennant. When they first met. On Doctor Who! How cute is her smile?

The Doctor and the Doctor's daughter. David Tennant Doctor) married Georgia Moffett (the Doctor's daughter in the episode "The Doctor's Daughter"), who is the daughter of Peter Davison

Do you see that girl smiling through the darkness? That would be me. "Yess, yesss, my precious David. Come to us, come to us..."

'I know, David. I pity them too.' Those silly, silly people