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Huge toad at Liberty science center

Huge toad at Liberty science center


The marbled reed frog-or painted reed frog (Hyperolius marmoratus)-is a species…


Gastrotheca cornuta (captive), Marsupial Horned Frog Family, Panama, Photographed at Atlanta Botanical Garden by Brad Wilson,DVM

justbelieve2him:  Bomarea pardina is native to Ecuador. The frog is Gastrotheca plumbea…

Gastrotheca plumbea, Silver Marsupial frog (male) in habitat on Bomaria pardina, Imbabura Province, Ecuador. It is endemic to the Pacific slopes of the Andes in northern and central Ecuador.

Marbled Tree Frog playing hide and seek. #camouflage #hiding #invisible

Marbled tree frog (Hyla marmorata), perfectly camouflaged against lichen-covered bark.

Ccomplètement "Zebrée" !

Leptopelis zebra or zebra frog - in the Arthroleptidae family found in Cameroon…