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Chronic Disease Prevention

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Chronic Disease Prevention Risk factors for many chronic diseases can begin early in life. But evidence shows that making dietary and lifestyle changes may prevent disease progression and premature death

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This is my life. The Foundation for Chronic Disease Prevention has just released some compelling research on the comparative health effects, both physical and mental, of taking less than steps a day and taking more than steps a day

Help fight Obesity! Join the 90 Day Challenge!  francescakuhn.myvi.net

Obesity is growing in our country, and one of the easiest ways to slow this down is exercise. Statistics about the growth of obesity in our country will provide my audience with the shocking facts that will get their attention.

new mantra.  BALANCE. everything in moderation.  no wacky overzealous nonsense here.

Eating Well Isn't About Perfection new mantra. everything in moderation. no wacky overzealous nonsense here.

Share this incredible infographic to spread the word about the effectiveness of vaccines to mark World Immunization Week (April 24-30, 2014)

Gates Foundation infographic: Vaccines Work to Save Money and Improve Lives

Avoiding heart disease is easier than you'd think! 10 surprising ways to prevent cardiovascular disease.

10 Surprising Ways to Avoid Heart Disease: With of the American population suffering from heart related problems, it's extremely important for everyone to carefully monitor their health.

The Childhood #Obesity Epidemic #Infographic

Whats A Diabetic

Childhood Obesity Infographic - keep your children healthy and active so we can reverse the childhood obesity epidemic.

Nourish to Flourish: Food insecurity and being overweight are two of the biggest crises facing America's kids today! | www.kidseatright.org #infographic

Nourish to Flourish Infographic-Hungry and Overweight Paradox Food insecurity causes Binge eating due to fear they won't have food later, with lack of food regularly the body will try to hold on to and conserve as much energy as possible.

What makes an employee "wellness" program successful? ACAP Health's infographic guides you through 5 simple steps to increasing health initiatives in the workplace. #healthcare #wellness #employers | acaphealth.com/

What makes an employee "wellness" program successful? Here are 5 simple steps to increasing health initiatives in the workplace.

Vitamin E is an essential nutrient and powerful antioxidant. Health experts advise to get our Vitamin E from dietary sources, eg food. Top 25 Vitamin E Rich Foods [Infographic]

Vitamins and minerals help to support a healthy immune system, promote the conversion of food into energy, support a healthy cardiovascular system, support strong bones, promote mental clarity👍👍