SeizSafe on Behance

Encore Lab commissioned us to create an animated video for Seizsafe, the new project that they are developing.Seizsafe is a non-intrusive integrated system to monitor epilepsy patients at night-time and alert relatives or caregivers when a seizure is de…

Los GIFs nunca habían sido tan bonitos | The Creators Project

Los GIFs nunca habían sido tan bonitos

The Loner / Sticky Monster Lab

The Loner / Sticky Monster Lab

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Gorgeous GIFs That Bring Old Tech Back To Life - UltraLinx by Guillaume Kurkdjian

Desk - Animation on Behance

Personal animations for my future portfolio colors , prop , etc comicbook deadpool superheroes ironman hulk thing magneto nightcrawler colossus nick fury gambit hawkeye avengers iceman fantastic mystique silver surfer daredevil doctor d…

Fishy Business by Marina Matijaca

Fishy Business

Drive thru our Fishy Market and grab the best bite in town!