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The Great North East Awakening

The Great North East Awakening

This Is Mars, pictures from it's surfce

Field of Dunes in the Proctor Crater. Hundreds of black-sand dunes have accumulated on the floor of this crater. In the winter, ice covers these dunes, creating a stark contrasting tone.

21 Clever Demotivational Posters That'll Inspire You To Give Up (Page 3) - CollegeHumor Post

21 Motivational Posters That... Are Pretty Depressing

It may only take one pervert to put in a light bulb, but it takes an entire emergency room to remove it

Squig hopper by Theclockworkpainter on DeviantArt

Time for my all-time favourite crazy warhammer unit, the squig hopper!

My miscarriage story #infantloss #miscarriage

How the wordless portion of a children's movie reduced me to tears.they captured the heartache.


Salen a la luz contundentes pruebas que confirman que Jesús y sus 12 apóstoles nunca existieron