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4 Must-See Street Food Cities in Vietnam

If you absolutely hate cilantro, there's a scientific reason for that.

Alkaline or Acidic? It's important to keep our bodies on the alkaline side for optimal health and wellness. #alkaline #fitness #health

You are what you eat. Nutrition is far more responsible for creating your shape and your health than you could ever imagine. With proper nutrition & exercise, you have achieved real wealth- HEALTH!

Master the Sugar-Fre - http://47yoga.com/master-the-sugar-fre/   Master the Sugar-Free Diet (and Avoid the Energy Crash) | How a dietitian’s quest to nix sugar helped change the way she looked at food. Yoga Journal

How a dietitian’s quest to a sugar-free diet helped change the way she looked at food.

Vegetarian Chili With Winter Vegetables

Vegetarian Chili With Winter Vegetables

Looking for a healthier substitute for your favorite foods? Check out the "Kitchen Tips & Recipes" section of my blog! It's brand new, and it aims to deliver recipes like this one that will make your life easier and more organic!

Bake Healthy, Organic Dessert in 6 Steps or Less with Foodstirs

How to Write a Powerful Blog Post (6 Key Elements EVERY Post Should Include)

6 Secrets to Writing a Powerful Blog Post

Grøntsagsfad med gulerodssalat | Anima.dk

Root Vegetable Gratin: View this and hundreds of other vegetarian recipes in the New York Times Eat Well Recipe Finder.

I haven’t been at this blogging business for very long. I’ve been regularly posting since February.But, the learning curve is steep and I’ve figured out SO much. I thought I’d share my tips today with you lovely folks.Obviously, I’m still learning. And half of these are just reminders to me to do my best every...Read More »

Tips for Beginning Bloggers {a.k.a. helpful codes