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Funny pictures about It only applies to Britain. Oh, and cool pics about It only applies to Britain. Also, It only applies to Britain.

Doctor Who ten David Tennant you're mad confused with fashion sense

The doctor confuses declarations of insanity with insults to his fashion sense.The trauma of having worn a vegetable as an accessory. lol Doctor Who

Pest control!!

That moment when the Cybermen and Daleks get in a sass war. - For real, this was an awesome moment in tv.>> I squeed at this part, DALEK SASS!


Do not apologize…

"Non-nerds don't apologize for being dickheads." I love you, John Barrowman.<-- Thank you John Barrowman <---Love this guy! <--- i dont even know who he is, and i still think he is awesome

Things we don't like. I see what you did there, Moffat. Via Doctor Who and the TARDIS by Craig Hurle

Doctor Who where we put things we dont like in the cupboard . "Rory Take Hitler and put him in that cupboard over there" XD

Doctor Who

I love this man with both my hearts. // Matt Smith: Hello, my name is Matt Smith and I play The Doctor. David Tennant: Hello, my name is David Tennant and I AM The Doctor.

Can't sleep? Watch Doctor Who cast members read you adorable bedtime stories. Pinning for later

Watch Doctor Who cast members read adorable bedtime stories. Saving for a rainy day! Or any day I need to watch a Doctor Who cast member read a bedtime story.

10 and Rose were awesome, but 10 and Donna were more entertaining.

That Cuts To the Core

I love how Donna's like watch it spaceman and the doctors like watch it earth girl like it's souposed to be offensive

Because shut up that's why. Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Wimey now makes sense

The physics of Timey Wimey explained at last in one of the saddest episodes ever! (I thought it was the saddest until I saw the Time of the Doctor)


Evil spirit…

Funny pictures about Evil spirit. Oh, and cool pics about Evil spirit. Also, Evil spirit.