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So if your stranded on an island tell your brain its a carrot.

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My son Julien....who DOESN'T get excited about the Ice Cream Man!?

I didn't know it was the ice cream man until I was at least 5 or My mom told me that was the music truck. She didn't want me to ask for ice cream all the time.

Pretty much agree with previous pinner: "I don't care how this picture happened. I love it." Me: "Just Leonardo Dicaprio, Daniel Radcliffe and their pets." Not sure who is the cat owner; doesn't really matter.

This has happened to me, no lie! Not as many as that though! Only 4 or 5

BEST DAY EVER ~ A group of chipmunks is called a scurry;) Chipmunks are omnivorous animals which live in deserts, forests and woods where they blend with the surroundings.

It's so, so confusing to me in the morning to figure out why I have to get up AGAIN! This guy's face sums it up. :D

yep-- What the guys alarm clock says is the same time I wake up for school in the morning!