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Oh, gosh

This is what the teen pregnancy test should say! lol seems its the truth lately. Hey if i get pregnant i can just be on tv!

Lol! Cheers to Thirsty Thursdays!!

Free and Funny Confession Ecard: We're not alcoholics. We generally only drink on the weekends. Except for special occasions. And boredom. And Thursdays. Which some people consider weekends.

So true with nursing school tests...

10 People You'll Meet Living In Freshman Dorms

So true with nursing school tests. But what study guide in nursing school?

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25 Funny Celebrity Quotes To Make You Laugh Out Loud

Zach Galifianakis- loved him the first time he did SNL. He's hilarious!

Besten Bilder, Videos und Sprüche und es kommen täglich neue lustige Facebook Bilder auf DEBESTE.DE. Hier werden täglich Witze und Sprüche gepostet!

Mom and four kids pose for an honest back-to-school picture. I'm seeing a picture of my kids leaving my room on the last day of school with me jumping.

the truth behind the music: the levels of true country girls.. why i love miranda lambert over carrie underwood and taylor swift

All of these beautiful country women have written about their captions- Taylor Swift (Teardrops on my guitar, Picture to Burn, and more) Carrie Underwood (Before he Cheats) Miranda Lambert (Two Black Cadillacs)

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Funny Christmas Season Ecard: All I want for Christmas is you. Just kidding. Give me diamonds.

I hate elf on the shelf.. thank god we never did it.. both girls think he's creepy.

It doesn't matter if you've been naughty or nice.that creepy Elf on the Shelf is going to kill you one night while you're sleeping!lol he is kinda creepy but the kids love him

Dear Sweatpants & Hoodies...

Funny pictures about Dear sweatpants and hoodies. Oh, and cool pics about Dear sweatpants and hoodies. Also, Dear sweatpants and hoodies.


I hate stick figure families. And frangipani stickers. If you have either of these on your car, you WILL be rammed by my car. for-the-lulz

And it didn't play commercials or stupid TV shows

Tell us more about that awsomeness

I would rather cuddle then have sex. If youre good with grammar, youll get it.    word nerds. renaeloved

Proper grammar makes me happy. I would rather cuddle then have sex. If you're good with grammar, you'll get it.