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The Series has gone intergalactic.

Why am I not in Japan right now? Starwars baseball is the future.

Star Wars Yoga series.. Laughing so hard. Maybe I'm just tired.

Star Wars Yoga

come on...

No bird, NOOOOO! by ratherchildish star wars big bird sesame street vader muppets

funny motivational posters | Tower of Zenopus: Motivational Monday - Special Star Wars Valentine ...

This is your Mother. Darth Vader doesnt have to stroke his own wookie anymore Wait What? This is your Mother Darth Vader doesnt have to stroke his own wookie anymore

Playing games with Superman

Playing games with Superman

Psycho has a dark side...

Princess Leia & Darth Vader in the Shower Scene from the film Psycho by Hitchcock.

Meanwhile in Japan

Japan doing strange Fruits since .

Yoda: Learn the Grammar, I must. #Geek #Starwars

Yoda learns grammar (Yeah, it's funny. However, Yoda is already being grammatically correct. "Learn the grammar, I must" is not wrong, just non-standard.

Guilty. --- Yes, even though I would probably get swept into some demonic/ghoulish horror which I most likely would not survive. Who doesn't want to be another fleck of survivor guilt on the collective Winchester soul? ;)

Supernatural - Confession: If I Saw This Man Hitchhiking✶

On that day humanity received a grim reminder.......

25 photos of 'weird Japan', and Japanese reactions to them