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Mongolian girl with camel... makes my heart burst, I sooo love this!

This one of my favorite pictures - a Mongolian girl and her camel laughing together. Her camel is a Bactrian camel. The Bactrian camel has.

#wattpad #fanfiction The exo-ls have accidentally mailed a book full of ーsmut chanbaekー fanfics.  To Chanyeol  ーhimselfー .  Enough said. ー . _ ©kingnini✧

i should've never read that book ♡ chanbaek - ❝ I really should have never read that book... ❞

I want a boy who laughs as hysterically as Chanyeol

ME THOUGH. i cried harder when everyone started flirting with me xD

I admit, I did cry pretty much every time I had to start the routes over.

If Nesta and Amren ever teamed up, they'd legit be unstoppable.

Oh god, Nesta And Amren teaming up. Rhys, Azriel, and Cassian would never get away with anything.

Ok.  I'm not a Will Farrell fan, but this made me burst out laughing.

Do this.

Having a bad day

You know your day is going bad when // can we all just appreciate the double yellow starburst is someone's bad day?