A band of Dwarf soldiers in battle, led by the chunky but fierce, dual-wielding one, who's next to a particularly worn-looking brother manning the humorously squat cannon

What Evil Lurks (Scarred Lands Setting) - Page 2 - Myth-Weavers

m Dwarf Rogue Thief picking lock Master Ozwulf (Master thief, dwarven adventurer, leader of the Adventuring band, Second Chances, friend to Sindel and Acanthus)

Creative Concept Art by Pavel Romanov

Artist: Pavel Romanov aka cynic pavel - Title: Dwarf King-Of-Souls reg - Card: Unknown


A personal piece created at the end of Published in the highly acclaimed fantasy art annual, Spectrum as one of the best unpublished fantasy illustrations of Additionally this work was published in the Behind the Scenes in The Hobbit:

Oghren - Pictures & Characters Art - Dragon Age: Origins

m Dwarf Cleric Dragon Age: Origins - Oghren not a good pic of him but love to have him in my group when playing the game.