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Schrodinger's Tee

Based on Schrodinger's classic puzzle, a cat sealed in a lead box with a cyanide filled glass capsule is simultaneously dead and not dead.

pinning for the definition of 'fo shizzle my nizzle'

The face of the lady walking by the people wearing assless chaps!

Maybe I'll Get Him, Maybe I Won't

Maybe I’ll Get Him, Maybe I Won’t

Erwin Schrödinger cat in a box delivery service. "Level of Evil! and damage it may do when you opening the box is in no way affiliated with Erwin Schrödinger cat in a box delivery service"

Well my cats name is Chloe and I know someone who's cats name is Darwin. So 2/4

Lol I've had a long line of cats with weird names. Currently I have a cat named George Washington, and previously I've had cats named Onion (my brothers idea), Kitty Pumpkincup (don't even ask), and many other weird names.

A purr of crocs

That's about all that these are good for lol. Ugliest shoe ever made IMHO. They showed up in the gardening world many years ago. strictly a gardening shoe. Now these ugly clogs are made for men, women and children. The men's are the worst and I cringe

Quantum Mechanical Music? - Imgur

Quantum Mechanical Music?

Science and cats

Or cats control science.trying to push us back to how ancient people basically worshipped them.<<Cats are OUR masters