Black and White Chevron Label Set includes:  NOW EDITABLE IN POWERPOINT  2 1/4 X 4 1/4 labels for student book boxes  3x3 These labels can be used to number items in the classroom such as materials or stations.   Labels for Lockers or Classroom Materials  4 x 10 Student Nameplates  8X8 Table Signs  The possiblities are endless with this set of classroom labels, the above are just what I would use them for in my classroom.

Black and White Chervron Label Set includes: 2 X 4 labels for student book boxes FREE! These labels can be used to number items in the clas.

black and white classroom decorations | Editable Black and White Labels - The Enlightened Elephant ...

Editable Black and White Labels

This is a set of 17 editable black and white labels n 7 different patterns. It includes rectangular, square and circular labels.

Brighten up your classroom with this crisp, stylish black, red, and white classroom décor in chevron.   Included:  -Table Numbers  -Calendar Months  -2 sets of Calendar days or # for organization of students  -Name Plates  -Pennants  -Book Bin Labels  -Classroom Schedule Pieces  -Blank Labels

Black, Red, and White Room Decor- Chevron

Label your students' take home / homework folders with "Return to School" & "Keep at Home" so there is no confusion about which papers stay home and which papers come back! :) FREE from TheHappyTeacher

Free sticker labels for teachers to label students' homework folders- Return to School and Keep at Home labels will keep paperwork organized!

Teacher Binder - Free Teacher Printables and Tips for organizing your classroom!

Teacher Binder - Tips & Free Resources!

Great tips and freebies on creating the perfect teacher's binder! Teacher Binder with your recourses Student data (behavior, dibles, call log) IEP binder

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