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The Wish / Kitsune Fox Girl Yokai Deer / by TeaFoxIllustrations

A young kitsune girl seeks the help of a wish granting spirit, hoping to gain exit from the realm of hungry ghosts. - by Sarah Graybill

These are Japanese fox masks. The Japanese revere foxes.  They catch mice, thus saving rice in the fields.

Japanese fox masks, the Japanese revere foxes catch mice, thus saving rice in the fields.

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Mobius Final fantasy- Tamamo no mae by yuchenghong on DeviantArt -- Light, fantasy rp, Kitsune

Kitsune - cuya función clásica es la de proteger bosques y aldeas sabiduría infinita, esencialmente omnisciente,


Japanese trickster spirits, kitsune could disguise themselves as human women and cause great mischief--or great fortune--for the humans around them.