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King Piankhi, otherwise known as Piye, was the first of the great Nubian kings who reigned over Egypt for three-quarters of a century in the Dynasty. King Piankhi and the so-called black pharaohs

Rhamses II defeating the Khetans, ill. 7, p. 180 Legends of ancient Egypt - Stories of Egyptian gods & heroes, by F. H. Brooksbank, illustrated by Evelyn Paul, New York: Crowell, 1915

Legends of ancient Egypt : stories of Egyptian gods and heroes

NOMBRE DE TRONO : BAKARA NOMBRE DE NACIMIENTO : TANUTAMON  PADRE Shabaka  MADRE Qalhata  ESPOSAS Malakaye, Piankharty  HIJAS Malakaye,Piankharty Sucesor del Rey Taharka Nubian

King Taharqa (reigned ca. 663 B.) was a Nubian Pharaoh of Egypt.

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The ankh also known as key of life, the key of the Nile or crux ansata (Latin meaning “cross with a handle”), was the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic character that read “life”. It represents the.

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Poser 7 and Photoshop Anpu (Inpew, Yinepu,Anubis) was an ancient Egyptian god of the underworld who guided and protected the spirits of the dead.

Anubis Egyptian God Of Embalming Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Emhotep Richards

Anubis Egyptian God Of Embalming Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Emhotep Richards

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Ancient Pharaonic civilization: A documentary about the Pharaonic civilization ver.

Sekhemka holds a papyrus scroll open on his lap. The hieroglyphic inscription lists offerings, with much detail about type and quantity, including food, beverages, unguents and liquids, incense and cosmetics, funerary equipment and royal gifts. These are the essential offerings that Sekhemka will need to subsist comfortably in in the afterlife

ancient Egypts secrets: The statue of Sekhemka Sekhemka holds a papyrus listing his offerings to be made for his survival in the afterlife including bread, beer, wine, perfume, cedar oil and linen clothing

As ruler of Nubia and Upper Egypt, Piye took advantage of the squabbling of Egypt's rulers by expanding Nubia's power beyond Thebes into Lower Egypt. In reaction to this, Tefnakht of Sais formed a coalition between the local kings of the Delta Region and enticed Piye's nominal ally—king Nimlot of Hermopolis—to defect to his side. Tefnakht then sent his coalition army south and besieged Herakleopolis where its king Peftjauawybast and the local Nubian commanders appealed to Piye for help. Piye…

King Taharqa leads his queens through a crowd during a festival in ancient Egypt by Greg Manchess