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Visual Story Tellers under 25, boston.com. Photo by   Zach Gibson: Photographers who are learning to make images that shout rather than whisper, covering issues near and far, often out-of-pocket and on their own time, they posses a deep affection for people and a common goal of building a better understanding of our world. The future of photojournalism may be uncertain, but this generation of photographers will have a hand in writing the new rulebook   #Photography #Visual_Storytelling

Photojournalists under 25

A man pilots a boat through a flock of birds on the Ganges River near the city of Varanasi in India. (Photo by Zach Gibson)

[Found out about this photograph from Life is Strange. Hauntingly incredible.] Robert Capa. Spaanse Burgeroorlog 1936.

Robert Capa: 'The best picture I ever took' - a picture from the past

"The Falling Soldier" Spanish Civil War photo taken by Robert Capa. Original title Loyalist Militiaman at the Moment of Death, Cerro Muriano, September 1936

Akintunde Akinleye , fotoperiodismo + fotografía - Servicio Social ( Júpiter en Tauro en la sexta casa de servicio y la salud )

Akintunde Akinleye, photojournalism + photography - Socialphy Service (Jupiter in Taurus in the house of service & health)

Axel Axgil (3 April 1915 – 29 October 2011) and Eigil Axgil (24 April 1922 – 22 September 1995) were Danish gay activists and a longtime couple. They were the first gay couple to enter into a registered partnership anywhere in the world following Denmark's legalisation of same-sex partnership in 1989, a landmark legislation which they were instrumental in bringing about. They adopted the shared surname, Axgil, a combination of their given names, as an expression of their commitment.

Axel Axgil - & Eigil Axgil - were Danish gay activists & a longtime couple. In they were the first gay couple to enter a registered partnership - They adopted the surname, Axgil, a combination of their given names, to express their commitment.

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Momentazo. amistad, diversión. brillos, luminosidad del agua.

All About Bruno Barbey, photographer on All About Photo. Search our database of over hundreds of photographers by their name or specialty.

ASCETIC MONKS - Brooklyn-based photographer Joey L has spent years working on an amazing set of portraits titled “Holy Men,” which features portraits of religious ascetics from around the world.

Portraits of Wandering Ascetic Monks by Photographer Joey L

India "Holy men"from Varanasi. "Lal Baba has dreadlocks several meters long, which have been growing for over 40 years. To Sadhus, dreadlocks are a sign of Renunciation & a life Dedicated to Spirituality.

SYRIA - Photos taken by Narciso Contreras

The Observer's 20 photographs of the week

For the last month, photographer Narciso Contreras has been showing the destruction in Aleppo, Syria. Here, people walk past damaged homes during heavy fighting between Free Syrian Army fighters and government forces


As imagens mais fodonas de 2012

Kicking riot police in Greece. A man in Greece kicks riot police back. Image by ARIS MESSINIS / Getty Images

Striking Portraits of Muxes, Mexico’s ‘Third’ Gender

Nicola Ókin Frioli Documents Muxes In 'We Are Princesses In A Land Of Machos' (PHOTOS) The Muxes, individuals who identify as neither men nor women but instead embody a third category of mixed gender.


Aaron Huey has photographed the Oglala Lakota for seven years on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. His newest book, 'Mitakuye Oyasin', is a reflection of Huey's dedication to the people he's spent so much time documenting.