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Así mi cachorra al despertar :)

Have I told you today how fetching you look? Hows' about fetching me some bacon?

This made me really laugh out loud!! I see that look just before my girl spazzes out LOL

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No Bacon =Pug Jelly right now. #puglife

Hamilton the pug is giving his best sad face for bacon.

I like the way you think pug.

A nice funny pug meme to start this December day off. This pug is sitting on the sofa, very relaxed wondering if they could get some bacon from their owner.

This Pug loves bacooooon ❤  this would so be my pugs, Bamm Bamm and Petunia would be doing this!!

It's Bacon Time. Smoked Bacon, Slab and Sliced Bacon - Lean, meaty bacon. Just make it bacon and all is good. We love bacon.

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I think pugs are related to seal pups

Sometimes I think Roxy is really a seal pup that just washed ashore one day and grew long gangly legs with grabby paws on the ends of them. The sweetness of that face!

Sleepover party pugs!

“We’re havin’ a slumber party inside-camp out kinda thing! We’re tellin’ ghost stories and having so much fun! Can you make us some s’mores… but instead of chocolate, you use crispy bacon?