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Chihuahuas are gigantic personalities with huge hearts all packed into in tiny, furry bodies and they would love you to know these 13 interesting facts about them.

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is your chihuahua a princess?

Oh my goodness! Adorable!!!

Double the Cuteness!

No comprende english........

No comprende english.

My little easter bunny

My little easter bunny

Top 21 most Funniest Chihuahua memes

The Chihuahua is basically a dog’s breed. The reason of attraction of Chihuahua is his small size, coat varieties and colors. Chihuahua memes are famous because of his funny face and expressions.

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This Cat Has Been Guarding Her Little Hooman Before He Was Born

Faith in Cat-manity restored! This Cat Has Been Guarding Her Little Hooman Before He Was Born

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6 Problems Only Chihuahua Owners Will Understand

Chihuahua owners all have one thing in common - they all experience and understand these funny problems.

Cute chihuahua!

Cute chihuahua!

Where did everyone go?

Where did everyone go?


Chihuahua smooth puppy picture of the Aladna's Home

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Dogs are family

10 funny Chihuahua memes

funny chihuahua meme pay attention to me

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