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Creative Ads: Words kill wars.

Creative Ads: Words kill wars.

POSTER - This ad promotes talking about issues instead of resorting to violence. It transforms weapons into tools that are used to speak.

And he'll need some of these to finish off the look.  Spiderman wishes he had shoes this cool.

Red High Top Converse for the Cottage Grove Lady Cardinals

Create a Shoe Lace Text Effect in Illustrator

I think it's a clever idea spelling out the word laces with a lace effect. I also think it's very realistic.

25 Examples of Creative & Effective Ads

Creative advertising

advertisement on newspapers is usually expensive and for small ads that young professionals would want to post can come at a great cost, hence why social media seems to be the easiest and cheapest methods

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I really like this ad. It gives its exact point right from when u see the animal and then the Tide logo. Also the stripes/spots of each animal are laying on the ground as if they lost them. Well done

Converse. Purple.

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My shoes, my way!

My shoes, my way!