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Despite all our accomplishments we owe our existence to a six-inch layer of topsoil & the fact it rains.

Just saying...

Truth parents-why are you doing everything? Teach your kids to help! Yesterday my kids cleaned all the kitchen appliances, helped me clean the fridge, washed the windows in the living room, did a load of laundry and cleaned all 3 bathrooms!

Back in the day

for real// bikes, rollerskates, farm animals at grandpas' farm, waterfights and other fun stuff// i'm so thankful i had a childhood before technology took over.

government shutdown. idiots.

John Green — ‘It is very sad to me that some people are so intent on leaving their mark on the world that they don’t care if that mark is a scar.

Worry less

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~Dr. Steve Maraboli

"I want to help you, but you have to be a willing participant. If you're not, then I am no longer helping you up; it is you who is pulling me down." - Steve Maraboli //// Great mindset for a sponsor to live by.

theblogginggoth: “ By Czeck writer Karel Čapek, inventor of the term ‘robot’ as well! ”

By Czech writer Karel Čapek, inventor of the term ‘robot’ as well!

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Come At Me, Bro

All frustrations are self-induced. The outside world can invite us to become upset, but we ultimately accept the invitation. - Don't let others add to our frustrations. Choose to be proactive not reactive.

Or as #SteveJobs put it: "Here's to the Crazy Ones....." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OmqH1cWIMVY  "Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world--- are the ones who do."

It's funny how when you start to learn more about your government the crazier people seem to think you are. Apparently I need to find the right people to talk to about my government.

You know the truth, by the way it feels.

Sometimes a full lie or a half truth feels so right and true. worth acting upon. just ask the people of Germany. Feelings can be so fickle.