Baby Shamu by Jeff Merghart

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Great Big Sketchdump WInter '13 by Turtle-Arts on deviantART

Great Big Sketchdump WInter by Turtle-Arts on deviantART Excellent example of just doodling, sketching, drawing

RHEMREV.COM | Visual development ★ Find more at

Good reference/inspiration for how facial elements can be 'pushed' in abstract ways to give me interest and differentiation to characters. Could be excellent for this project and I will have any faces to draw.

10380751_1088610914499196_6415130393040107028_n.jpg (630×960)

10380751_1088610914499196_6415130393040107028_n.jpg (630×960)

Sweet Bunny sketches

Character design reference: sadly I did not make, but now we all can draw the bunnehs!

Darkwing Duck concept art

Some drawings for characters who never quite made it to Disney's Darkwing Duck


Character design work on LAIKA's third feature film "The Boxtrolls", directed by Anthony Stacchi and Graham Annable, released in I worked on the project quite early on, in Copyright ©LAIKA