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The 3 main shapes in character design © Rad Sechrist

Flipbook - a showcase of inspiration!

Character Design expressions by Luis Gadea.

Auction(CLOSED) by Rofeal on @DeviantArt

A custom outfit commission  azulann Thank you for commissioning me Interested in getting your own custom weapon? Some other of my adopts.

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Anonymous said: Hiya how do you draw arms crossed over?

I can be cool I swear

I can be cool I swear<< By tamaytka

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anniemeiproject: “ Xii’s character and role has changed quite a bit so I’ve been meaning to rework her design. I like that she looks like an assassin or a sith lol it suits her now a lot more than her...:

Annie Mei Project — Xii’s character and role has changed quite a bit.

DCT23fYVoAAlFkV.jpg (1199×824)

DCT23fYVoAAlFkV.jpg (1199×824)

✿Mimi's art blargh✿

✿Mimi's art blargh✿

fantasy adventure snack

Whenever possible, I like to arrange meals as fantasy adventure snacks. Perfectly normal, right? The above represents approximately the ideal fantasy adventure spread, but usually I make do with wh…

#beautiful brown black queens girl with blonde hair

broke lolita with expensive taste

you like art?

my hand slipped and i made an au for isaac and anna whoops i regret nothing also anna is still a redhead i just was messing around and drew her hair blonde bc i wanted to see what it would look like

Shadow Run: Ghost Trails

Shadow Run: Ghost Trails : Photo

smol and spooky

Yeah, but like, girls with black hair kick ass… Top: Nehemia Ytger (Throne of Glass), Cecily Herondale (The Infernal Devices), Reyna Arellano (Per.

How to draw anime skirts - The different angles help.