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Funny on so many levels

Clinton Lie During the liar’s failed first run for President, she claimed to have landed in Bosnia under sniper fire and had to run on the tarmac from the

Totally absurd that we are even having a trial...waste of money...waste of space.

And his victims families are denied benefits because it's being called "work place violence". And our veterans who are in school and on unemployment have had their benefits cut.

President Reagan

President Ronald Reagan ~ what an amazing man President Reagan was! He adored our beautiful USA & took every opportunity to say so :)


Yesteryear: John as Bo Duke in and TV series Dukes Of Hazzard. He is pictured alongside costars Catherine Bach and Tom Wopat (left)

Mens Humor

FUNNY PICTURE DUMP Another day, another laugh. We have come a long way together Thrill Blenders. It feels like it was just Monday and now it's Thursday, we have


I cant stand to hear the lies that come out of this womens mouth daily.she plays on stupidity--Can dead people serve on JURY DUTY? What happens to dead people voting rights? I think they need to be cross examined?

Why do we feel safe under the blankets or cover? It's not like a Murderer will come an say, "Damn it, they're under the blankets.

For real!

Michelle Obama presents Oscar for movie about the successful rescue of 6 Americans in 1979 Iran. How about a movie about your husband's "rescue" of Americans in Benghazi? -- How would that go, Michelle? this is just SHAMEFUL. Shame on you.