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Things To Carry In Your Truck By: http://brewercommercialservices.com

Source: Progressive Truck Driving School: This infographic contains information about all the important stuff that a truck should always carry.

Rat-rod 4X4 that's different

This is awesome! Retro Creation: Jeep YJ frame chopped Chevy cab, Willys grill, Chevy bed and a with a tranny,Airbag w/ Custom (BDS Link Ends and Bushings), X-Terrains and Swampers (geared to compensate)

my brother John taught me "life's most important lesson--be tough"

Born and raised tough. like a ford. All my Daddy drives are Fords :) ~ SSJ

Dodge Power Wagon, I have actually seen this truck!

Legacy Power Wagon

The Legacy Power Wagon. As the name suggests, it isn't new, but with only a handful crafted per year--by artisan auto mechanics at Legacy Classic Trucks in Jackson Hole, Wyoming--it remains one of the truck world's most coveted and collectible.

You'll find this natural bridge on a hike to Montana's Boulder River.

Land Bridge over the Boulder River, a tributary of the Yellowstone and originates high in the Absaroka Mountains south of Big Timber, MT.

Wyoming spring wildflowers

Grand Teton and Wildflowers, Wyoming. By Adam Jones - Pixdaus [Note: this picture is made up of 2 different photographs, one of a flower garden, one of the river/mountain scene. It's still a beautiful result even if it's photoshopped or whatever.

What is you0r favorite thing about rooting for the Cubs??!!!

Chicago Cubs The Favored team on the North Side of the city , My friend Jen's favorite team and even the people a couple streets down from me in Wyoming's favorite team!

This must be from that God forsaken mountain pass entering Tucson. Still bitter

Time for a laugh you can click an image to view slide show . Bet you had a laugh.

tweaked version of the Dodge Power Wagon by Legacy Classic Trucks

Dodge Power Wagon by Legacy Classic Trucks

Legacy Power Trucks is a company based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. They produce some serious conversions like this awesome Legacy Power Wagon, a completely modernized version of the Dodge Power Wagon. The mean American truck is like a Dodge Power Wagon

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