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UFO & Aliens: Physical Evidence of UFOs - History Channel Documentary

"Visitors look at a model depicting the 1947 Alien Autopsy in Roswell, New Mexico, during the 'The Science of Aliens' exhibition.

We've had the book Aliens Love Underpants  in our "family library" for years…

We've had the book Aliens Love Underpants in our "family library" for years! It's funny and cute and anything about underpants is going t.

The Barger Family: Out of the World: Discover the Moon and Space Ships

Make with Noah's Ark instead of Aliens Love Underpants Space Ships.animals in circle & brown bottom for boat

Nordic folklore for beginners?

Nordic folklore

Nordic folklore, some interesting mythological creatures and figures (Also I love how the troll picture is from Trollhunter)

This pilot had a UFO encounter and they never found him or his plane. question everything / GcF.

I placed this in my "Unexplained" board because it's one of the only cases which real-time audio exists of the incident (which is quite frankly, chilling) and NOTHING was ever recovered of the plane although it's general position was known and verified!

The original full version of the Solway Firth Spaceman, (AKA The Cumberland or Cumbrian Spaceman.). Photographed by Jim Templeton in May 1964.

1964 Cumbria, UK by Jim Templeton. Variously known as 'The Cumberland Spaceman', 'The Solway Firth Spaceman' and 'The Cumbrian Spaceman'.

Nikola Tesla, UFOs, Antigravity and Aliens                                                                                                                                                      More

Nikola Tesla, UFOs, Antigravity and Aliens

It seems that whenever someone talks about Tesla you cannot help but wonder how it is possible for a Man like Tesla to gone unnoticed in history books? I mean why is someone like Tesla literally er…