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Snowflake under a microscope!:

Snowflake under a microscope.Why are these and every pattern in nature PERFECT shapes?glorious design like the aligned black holes.

Micro-photography of individual snowflakes

Micro-photography of individual snowflakes

Funny pictures about Micro-Photography Of Individual Snowflakes. Oh, and cool pics about Micro-Photography Of Individual Snowflakes. Also, Micro-Photography Of Individual Snowflakes photos.

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Yuji Obata was obsessed with the challenge of doing something no one had done before – in his case photographing snowflakes in freefall rather than on a flat surface without digital or any other manipulation. It took Obata five years to achieve but his breakthrough resulted in the capture of pictures that allow the snowflakes to relate to each other in space and size, creating dynamic compositions and scenes.

Homage to Wilson A. Bentley 2005 - My latest enthusiasm is for the work of Yuji Obata who we are now lucky enoug.

Amazing macro-photography of individual snowflakes [10 pics]

Amazing Macro Photography of Individual Snowflakes [10 pics]

Amazing macro-photography of individual snowflakes Photographer Alexey Kljatov takes incredible close-up photos of snowflakes in his backyard in Moscow. “I capture snowflakes on the open balcony of my house, mostly on glass surface, lighted by an.


Come and explore snowflakes from outside and in during this hands-on workshop at Ravenswood Park in Gloucester, Massachusetts


I stand at the frozen mouth of the river, Thinking of you. In the house where you live Frost glitters on the windows Like uncounted pieces of silver. (Thomas James, "Letters to a Stranger")