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Affair of the Bodyguard

An animation that let me test creating my own soundtrack by electronically manipulating my voice. This was done as a test but turned out to be worth sharing.

STAR WARS in Public

STAR WARS in Public

10 Songs That Aren’t About Teaching … But Should Be - WeAreTeachers

10 Songs That Aren’t About Teaching … But Should Be

Because all need a teacher soundtrack to blast as we drive away at the end of the day, cruise through summer, or unwind with a glass of wine.

Fallout 3-- Sad thing is that was o e of my favorite songs in the game. And it's about a serial killer. Oops?

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Kitten.....this is funny!! I am way too easily entertained!!!

WATCH: Kitten Scared Of Two Apples

kitten vs TWO scary things- the music is what's great. This is why I want a kitten. To watch it do shit like this until it's a fat lazy cat.