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2012 -- 1980's pallet and Flower Shoulder, tiers return -- Popular 1980s TV show, 'Designing Women' displays 80s color trends

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I loved all the Designing Women.but especially Suzanne Sugarbaker.

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That classic style is exemplified by the fashions we saw every week on Dynasty! Big hair, shoulder pads, over the top glittery sequins, and even the occasional leg warmers!

Dynasty is an American prime time television soap opera that aired on ABC from January 12, 1981 to May 1989.

When is it Time to Let Go of the Trends You Love?

Mr. Whipple  "Don't squeeze the Charmin"

Whipple squeezing the Charmin. As much as I didn't like the Charmin commercials when Mr. whipple squeezed the charmin, I surely do detest the commercials more now with the ridiculous bears!

Empty Nest TV Show. Part of that Saturday night domination that followed Golden Girls. It was a great little show.

empty nest First episode: October 1988 Final episode: April 1995 Theme song: Life Goes On Network: NBC

Ik was altijd Farrah!:-)

TV show fashion history - Charlies Angels poster. I still remember this picture on the cover of Time! All the girls started styling their hair like Farrah Fawcett.

December 14, 1974

The history of television at your fingertips with the TV Guide Magazine Cover Archive - Covers from 1953 to today - including TV's biggest shows and stars like Lucy and John Wayne

It's Flo.. from the TV show "Alice" Kiss my grits became a huge catch phrase when I was growing up. I still say it.

Alice (Television Show). The spunky waitress at Mel's Diner, who constantly told people to "Kiss My Grits!