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Deadpool teaching Sex Ed omg I'm dying

Deadpool as a teacher. What could go wrong? Deadpool as a sex ed teacher. EVERYTHING WILL GO WRONG. XD - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

I'd change a few things... I'd make Bruce Wayne Economics, Dick Grayson Phys. Ed., Dean Winchester would be Sex Ed., Sherlock English (Hello, H.O.U.N.D.!!!), John Watson would coach Marksmanship or something, etc...  I might make my own dream school^.^

University of fandom doctor who Sherlock supernatural avengers iron man / iFunny :). ---- I would happily go to school.

Baby Tantrums - Why babies sometimes get so angry, what to do to keep it from happening and how to handle it if it does.

HCG Levels - I am confused about my hCG levels. I had two tests done, 48 hours apart, and the results were 2400 and I was told my hCG levels should double in this time. Should I be worried?

This is amazing, and with all my fandoms, but I have to say that the Driver's Ed teacher is the best.

"Where is this school? I would like to enrol please." (from FB Doctor Who and the T.