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Practice Until you can't get it wrong!

I love this quote, but hate the philosophy! If I practiced till I can't get it wrong, I'd never see daylight. Then again, I guess that's the point.

People are like Music...

People Are Like Music. Some Speak The Truth And Others Are Just Noise

Find People are like Music, Some speak the Truth and others are just noise! in Quotes on Wish to Find.

OOOH, I soooo want to try this! Pencil shavings in place of piano notes...great photo!

Synesthesia - disorder where letters and numbers are assigned random colors. For example, the letter A would always be red. Find out more.

Cool Harp Design Postcards

Cool Harp Design Postcards

I love hearing old songs... they're like memories I can always go back to.

Good Life Quote Ru for more Black and White. - Good Life Quote Ru on imgfave

"Osserva la musica, essa fa parte della vera bellezza dello spirito"  "Observe the music, it belongs to the true beauty of the spirit"

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Shut up in music notation. The fermata at the top indicates that the note below it be held longer than normal. But the note below it is a whole rest, thus, shut up.