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Do they just, like, give everybody in Britian beauty pills at birth? I literally looked at this and, out loud, was like "hello!" Especially to the David Tennant picture

OMG can't wait! I hope Donna comes back too!

The Tenth Doctor returns. Man, I hope this is true!

The Doctor's moral code

Good men don't need rules. Today's not the day to find out why I have so many.I think these are three of the quotes that made me fall in love with the Doctor.

Doctor who theme song with invented lyrics. Wow...just...wow. This is flipping fantastic!

( Boy singing the Doctor Who theme song ( With lyrics ) ) the link will take you to cheeseburger you need to type .every time I hear the doctor who theme .

O.M.G. O.O

The Time Lords are the Weeping Angels theory. and This Was His Mom theory. I was actually thinking that that was his mom the first time I saw this episode, but I never thought of the weeping angels one.

Hermits united :3 anyone wanna swap stones?

Utopia is. Every human know of Utopia. Bit of a hermit. A hermit with friends? We meet up, every ten years, swap stories about caves. It's good fun. For a hermit.

....Tell dad hi for me, if he isn't dead...

Lol her face :D For the last time I no I don’t a have a job, yes I’m still in jail no I haven’t been seeing anyone. Tell dad hi from me if he isn’t dead

Doctor who

I flippin love Classic Who. It's so funny, if you can look past the awful special effects. :p Everyone should watch at least an episode!

Technically they are 9 and 12, but this is still funny.

Letter size…

8 ½ x 11 hahahahaha <-- from now on, paper dimensions shall be described as john hurt by Matt smith.<<<teacher:now students you will use 8 by 11 inch paper me:- raises hand- i think you mean john hurt by matt smith miss teacher lady

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