Awesome Tattoo By David Côté. Not much for colour tattoo, this is cool though.

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"flowers, flowers, flowers" - in living color on a living canvas by a living artist making a living creating flowers, flowers.

Florin Zaharia-Tattoo (@inkzaharia) on Instagram

Florin Zaharia-Tattoo (@inkzaharia) on Instagram

Добавили к лунам и Фриде кусочек "Мадонны в скалах" да Винчи

Добавили к лунам и Фриде кусочек "Мадонны в скалах" да Винчи

Marcin Aleksander Surowiec | A R T N A U

Marcin Aleksander Surowiec

Inspire-se: tatuagens Pixar 03

Inspire-se: tatuagens Pixar

We have 138 Amazing Disney Tattoos Photos from people who love Disney films and grew up watching them. If you want a Disney tattoo, check this out.

David Cote

David Cote

Geometric Mountain Tattoo

geometric mountain with starry sky, blackwork circle white lines on black field tattoo would have this on my wrist

mountain tattoo design

70 Breathtaking Mountain Tattoos Design

For Jordan

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