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Chocolicious chocolate drip cake

Going to attempted this chocolate and salted caramel drip cake for my sisters bday, wish me luck haha

DIY Marshmallow Roses

Marshmallow Roses

DIY Marshmallow Roses~ great idea for Mother's Day, Valentines, Easter, baby or bridal shower, etc. Don't be surprised if you see a few of these at church on Mother's day!


Moreos!  Is... Is this real?  Could this really be real?  W-where?

Is this a thing? This better be a thing. <----- (I know right) && where do they sell these? «--- Dear Sweet baby Jesus and all that is holy please let this be a thing!

This is a dessert called “Night Pearl.”   Its egg shape is formed out of white chocolate. When hot dark chocolate is poured on top, the “egg” melts slightly, cracking open to reveal a dark chocolate truffle cake. -- good proposal idea

A white chocolate ball around a chocolate cake - Hot fudge is then poured on the top. As the fudge melts the outer casing (white chocolate), the shell breaks & reveals the chocolate cake hidden on the inside! Now that's talent.