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How to care for yourself on a bad body image day.- good advice for students struggling with body image issues

Kettlebell sandbag - all of the benefits with less risks

Portable Kettlebell Sandbags

Portable Kettlebells - The Original Anywhere Kettlebell Workout

MovNat workouts

Erwan Le Corre is the founder of MovNat, an innovative physical fitness approach that is grounded in natural movement. Get a taste of what MovNat is about with these exclusive workouts.

Combo Workout - Advanced Level Vol 1. | By MovNat

Combo Workout - Advanced Level Vol

MovNat inspired natural fitness plan

A MovNat-Inspired Natural Movement Fitness Plan: Aping the Early Human Workout

After running marathons and ultramarathons for years, Ret Taylor now mimics how our human ancestors might have exercised before the advent of high-tech gyms and yoga studios.

This no-equipment workout targets your lower abs while also engaging every major muscle group to maximize your burn.

The Best Way to Flatten Your Lower Belly

Bear Crawl: Immediately crawl forward with right hand and right foot. Keep abs drawn in tight during the entire movement. If you run out of room, simply travel as far forward as possible and then crawl backward. Continue the movement for 45 seconds.

My interpretation of Methode Naturelle - natural outdoor workout - YouTube

My interpretation of Methode Naturelle - natural outdoor workout

A Movnat Workout in Central Park

Jen Sinkler, Dave Dellanave & Valerie Waters doing a MovNat in Central Park with Jonathan Angelilli.