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"Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. This is the perfect quote to describe a cat.

Meetings are such an important part of our lives.

Going into the prayer room verses coming out of the prayer room

Matthew 6:33 no doubt about that.

Matthew no doubt about that.

Ok, I know there's lots of things to do but this sure looks like it could be on my list! LOLOL!!!

Students Problems on

How I feel right now

You havent prayed

Christian Funny Pictures - A time to laugh

So...we animals were all named by Adam? He must have gotten the name "Cat" from listening to us cough up a hairball!"

librarian-wnm: Did you read your Daily Text?

I'm so thankful that He can and does listen to my heart when I can't articulate my feelings.

Soooooo meee at times. So happy Jehovah knows my heart without saying a word soooo happy to know that he will hear me and accept me


O melhor das selfies

animalsfocus: "Tag Friends Photo by

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Who loves Jehovah? Me!

Why Are Jehovah Witnesses’ labeled As A Non-Christian?

Animals sometimes...

You have cat to be kitten me right meow (: things-that-make-me-laugh

!+!The Holy Spirit of OMNI3perYHV+VHYinChrist+Jesus warns: Jehovah{YHVH-hvhy} & Allah r 2 demonic entities of Satan & therefore part of the bigger, corporate 666antichrist presently @ war against the Most High Triune God!+!

All of Jehovah's extraordinary purposes will be fulfilled.he will prevail!

#MinistryIdeaz #JW #BestLifeEver

1 Peter Jehovah rewards the righteous ones, even if nobody else sees their good deeds.

#jwhumor #districtconvention- What a strange feeling, I thought only I stay that way!

that is just sooo depressing!

It has happened.

Exactly my expression when I've studied the wrong watchtower or studied it then forgot to pack it for the meeting lol

#bible #cookies: aren't these cute for pioneer meeting?!

New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures Bible Cookies jw Jehovah