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I miss this show..

10 Bizarre Kiddie Cartoon Conspiracy Theories - This may be our longest running popular Flavorwire post. We're thinking of doing a sequel with shows we left out. Send us suggestions!

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You Know You're A '90s Baby When...

Top Cartoons Of 4 Generations (1970's-2000's) - How many of these shows have you watched?

Garfield is the classic Comic strip about a fat orange cat who loves Laagana and likes to sleep and beat up on his nerdy dog Odie.

90s tv shows | Our Favorite 90s TV Shows [PHOTOS] I miss the shows on Nick that I use to watch with my kids!

Doug TV Series Nickelodeon Really enjoyed this series with Doug Funnie, Skeeter Valentine, Patti Mayonnaise and dog Porkchop.

Hey Arnold!   I will never grow up.  Reminds me of when my daughter was younger and we watched this show together.....

What do people think of Hey Arnold! See opinions and rankings about Hey Arnold! across various lists and topics.

we're tiny, were toon-y, were all a little looney! and in this cartoony we're invading your tv! :)

We're tiny, we're toony We're all a little loony And in this cartoony We're invading your TV Comic dispensers We crack up all the censors On Tiny Toon Adventures Get a dose of comedy

Nickelodeon 90`S......I think Nick should totally creat a channel with only 90's cartoons/shows. I would watch 24/7

Old school cartoons Kids Memories - Oh my! Nickelodeon- Cartoons Of The Of al.