Group Work Expectations Poster from Having Fun In Middle School on (2 pages) - This poster helps show students exactly what they should be doing during group work.

How am I comprehending?

I Love My Classroom: Double Digit Multiplication and a Comprehension Freebie Great poster to rate comprehension

Be a "four star participant" - excellent tool to use during small group instruction! Freebies and ideas on setting up close reading in your classroom too! would work for your rubric system!

Creating and Using Groups~ This is a great article about how to form groups, assign tasks, and keep students accountable. Well-organized and useful! I found this after reading about Shelly Terrel work. It's a fantastic idea to balance group of students.

Setting and enforcing strong expectations for group work from the beginning of the year can make all the difference in the world.

Group formative assessment of behavioral skills. This free poster is great for any small group work, whether it's used for pull-out groups or with cooperative groups in a classroom. Students are forced to rate themselves based on performance as a group.

Cooperative Learning - More Than Group Work

Corkboard Connections: Cooperative Learning - More Than Group Work - Learn the difference between cooperative learning and group work, as well as strategies for fostering effective team discussions. (I like the "talking sticks" discussions!

Stop Team Disruptions

Free Team Stop Signs - Print these stop signs out and use them to help kids refocus when their team becomes noisy or off-task. One minute of reflection time is frequently all it takes!

Exit slips for any subject

This product contains 15 different exit passes of which can be used for ANY subject area, while 4 are subject specific to Math, English, Science, and Social Studies).