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The apple doesn't fall far from the tree

we dont eat elephant meat but is good thing to be vegan because we appreciat animal life.


Elephant Hug This picture definately qualifies as a cute one, actually all we post is cute pictures

Running Elephants

Did you know that these magnificent creatures could become extinct in our lifetime? Love mommy and baby elephants running together

Elephant kicking up dust.

Elephant kicking up dust.

Elephant Dust Bath - India visually beautiful but do wonder if color pigments hurt animals eyes.know is used in Holi festivals and Elephants do play in regular dust. Awareness always in treatment of animals.

trunk holding flowers

Ephalunts in Love. (Welsh for elephant is elifant - your word for today. Do elephants have noses? Don't forget to make that trunk call!

Love seeing wild animals in exotic places! Beautiful baby elephant~~~love the fuzzy head~~~ Paradise Tanager by Nathan Rupert: Beautiful!