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Uroplatus phantasticus, the satanic leaf-tailed gecko  in Mantadia-Zahamena corridor of Madagascar

Satanic Leaf-tailed Gecko ~ Uroplatus phantasticus ~ The smallest of 12 species of bizarre-looking leaf-tailed geckos. The nocturnal creature has extremely cryptic camouflage so it can hide out in the forests of Madagascar.

By the time mating season begins, the male antechinus has already stopped making sperm, so it needs to empty its stockpiles. This comes in a wild frenzy, trying to mate as much as physically possible. He ignores food and sleep. Testosterone and stress hormone levels are at an all time high, fur begins to fall out, internal bleeding sets in, and the immune system fails, allowing gangrene to set in. The mating season is 2-3 weeks long and culminates in the death of every antechinus male.

Brown Antechinus, a miniature marsupial (not a mouse). It is also known as Stuart's Antechinus or Macleay's Marsupial Mouse.

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Natural History by KJA Artists , via Behance