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Ernst Haas

One more Master Color Photographer to our grand list of Masters of Photography section. Speaking about the early shooters in color and pioneers of color ph

New York © Ernst Haas. I like the skylight in this photo. I also like how the tree looks yellow dye to the lights.

-Online Browsing-: Ernst Haas "All I wanted was to connect my moods with those of Paris. Beauty paints and when it painted most, I shot"

It was just after midnight. The time he said he'd be here. All the guards were asleep. Even the people inside of the cells. It was just her. Her alone. Like she knew it would be. Climbing over the fence, she looked up at the darkened sky. She was so close to freedom. "What do you think you're doing?" A quiet hiss came from the other side. Shocked, she fell off the fence landing on her side. A laughter burst out in the darkness. "Jory!" She scowled hearing someone land beside her. He came.:

" I yell climbing over the fence you so effortlessly jumped over. I take a deep breath keeping you in my sight as you try to escape me in the dark woods.

you have to be so specific with your signage anymore: Please do not kiss the art work.

Paloma Wool: Collection No. 1 on Miss Moss · Barcelona based Paloma Lanna just launched Paloma Wool, in which her interests in fashion and analog photography…

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Ernst Haas, magia di colore e movimento | Fotografia

Ernst Haas, magia di colore e movimento

Harry Hook, Captain Hook, Captain Swan, Ghost Ship, Female Pirates, Fantasy Mermaids, Captain Jack Sparrow, Sea Monsters, Tall Ships

William Eggleston, Untitled (Huntsville, Alabama), 1970

10 10 dye transfer prints Edition of 15 Published in 1996 by Eggleston Artistic Trust and PhotoArt GmbH, Hamburg, Germany

room with a view - camera obscura by abelardo morell

inverted projected images from exterior environments are captured as long exposure photographs by abelardo morell