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Falcons wearing cameras provide amazing video of how they catch crows in flight. Warning: The falcons win in this real life contest.

Movie cameras mounted on hunting falcons - Eddy De Mol et al. More info [Full text]: Falcons pursue prey using visual motion cues: new perspectives from anim.

Funny Pictures of the day - Wanna be Friends, er What? (206 Pics)

This is so amazing and so sweet! Animals are amazing and wonderful creatures☺.butterflies too!

My face when I play hide and seek with Gene . "He will never think to look in a suitcase!

The "Learn How To Pet A Cat Properly" and "Train a Cat To Enjoy Cuddles" Bible - http://www.catnipdaily.com/the-learn-how-to-pet-a-cat-properly-and-train-a-cat-to-enjoy-cuddles-bible/

Learn how to take care of a cat from board-certified veterinary behaviorist Dr.