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hey, remember that person you thought you couldn't live without, well, look at you, living and shit

My best friend always tells me what I need to hear regardless if it's what I want to hear or not! I love her for that!!

Real Besties want what's best for you even if it's hard to hear at the time :}


Can I get an AMEN! Some people aren't happy unless they're mad! Haters are gonna hate!

Early days in affair recovery, sucked. #itgetsbetter #beentheredonethat. #survivor

Inspirational Quotes: Early days in affair recovery sucked. Top Inspirational Quotes Quote Description Early days in affair recovery sucked.

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I'm a simple girl. Cuddling on the couch in sweatpants watching a movie is way more romantic than a fancy dinner in a tight dress.

I had to spread the love and the light lol. Thank you to my darling at and for this absolute corker xx goodnight lovelies xx

lol I've seen this too many times to the same person who likes to stir up drama.

karma is a rubberband: no matter how far back out of reality she goes, it will always come back with a big smack!