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NYSE shutdown: Advisers calm jittery clients

As NYSE floor traders cooled their heels during the 3 hour halt, advisers worked the phones to reassure clients that stocks could be traded on other exchanges such as Nasdaq.

creative offices working - Google Search

If you are not sure what to do about your website design taking the help of a web design company is the ideal option for you. A web design company will.

Amazing story: This 99-year-old adviser has never lost a client

As one of the oldest working professionals in an industry run by men half her age, Irene Bergman, nearing her birthday, offers a rare perspective and some advice for enjoying a long career. And she's never lost a client.

Michael Woodford, the CEO whistleblower who’s become a hero of corporate governance

"If you fall for all the hoopla, you miss the real Warren Buffett, " writes Allex Malley in his article: The Four States of Warren Buffett. An excellent reminder to think big and work hard!

Why is Warren Buffet investing in so many junk food companies that cause widespread disease among Americans

Batman Beyond

Batman redesign by Tyler Ryan /// Holy faceplate, Batman! Neat variant, with interesting nods to Red Hood, Nightwing, and Batman Beyond.

The refugee crisis: 9 questions you were too embarrassed to ask - Vox

9 questions about the refugee crisis you were too embarrassed to ask

Millions of Syrians could go hungry over winter as aid falls short - DEUTSCHE WELLE

“I Kill Everybody, I Don’t Care.” Mentally Deranged, Right Wing Fanatic Cop Suspended In Ferguson