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Ed The Bard: GM Advice: Stocking The Perfect Dungeon (Part 2 of 2)

We asked the experts at about best practices of using traps in D&D. Check out the Q&A and their Kickstarter for The Total Party Kill Handbook.

Treasure Room - Pictures & Characters Art - Dragons Crown

"the monsters' hall was full of rich treasures, but all that beowulf took was grendels head and the hilt of the giants' jeweled sword" Pg.

Veras Tillman was a Rover by day, but that didn't stop him from frequenting the steeple in the woods. The stones were old and hewn, lugged from an old quarry a hundred leagues out near the  Ashburmian Steppes. A green bloodline of ivy raced up the stones, breaching and broaching the walls like a serpent, and atop the structure, a wood cap of oaken planks formed the pitched roof, just kissed by the tawny hue of a risen sun.

Originally posted by Allison D. Reid : Get inspired with this week’s Fantasy Art Friday, where fun fantasy artwork is combined with a .


The Cult of Rakdos (the pic is Illus. by Eytan Zana). When I was originally going to work on a graphic novel with a friend, the Cult of Rakdos was an inspiration.