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bewitched I love this version with this Darren, the other Darren was a tad meh and not as funny as Dick York.

⭐️Bewitched ⭐️ I loved Liz & Dick York.

Samantha and Darrin visiting Santa at the North Pole. Guest actor - Billy Mumy (better known as Will Robinson from " Lost in Space "

Elizabeth Montgomery, Dick York and Billy Mumy on the Bewitched Christmas Special.

The Women of ABC, 1966:  Judy Carne (Love on a Rooftop), Marlo Thomas (That Girl) & Elizabeth Montgomery (Bewitched)

Elizabeth Montgomery, Judy Carne & Marlo Thomas ABC Promo Photo) On the Stephens’ stairwell! // from mudwerks (originally from azuldeprusia)


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Elizabeth Montgomery and Dick York in ‘Bewitched’

The struggle: Elizabeth and Dick York had a turbulent relationship off-camera

Bewitched: Samantha Stephens

Bewitched ( love the opening credits ) is one of my all time favorite TV shows, among many others! I love Elizab.

Elizabeth and Dick York behind the scenes

Elizabeth Montgomery and Dick York behind the scenes on Bewitched.